Thursday, 30 June 2016

Get a Certification in Patient Care Programs

A patient care technician is becoming one of the most demanding professions in the healthcare industry. In fact, it is said to be the leading career option that plays a vital role in the delivery of proper health care to various patients. Being a  patient care technician, you get respect in your profession and interact with patients than any other team member including doctors and nurses.

You get the opportunity to assist patients with several tasks that they are unable do for themselves. Being a health care technician, you have to do some additional works, including, helping the patient move from place to place.

Patient care is a part of the ever growing healthcare field and becoming extremely important. There are a number of patients who need to be handled promptly and professionally. Patient Care Technician Programs enable the students to work with nurses, physicians and a number of other health care workers to provide health care services to patients. A patient care technician is a type of nursing assistant who spends their time in the service  of patients.

Patient Care Technician Program prepares students to assist patients with a number of routine tasks. Anything that patients find unable to do for themselves while staying in an assisted living center, hospital, long term care facility, nursing home or rehabilitation clinic, is the responsibility of patient care technicians. 

The following are just a few of the tasks that a patient care technician is supposed to do:

- Brushing teeth and hair
- Eating meals
- Getting out of bed
- Moving from one bed or gurney to the next
- Taking a bath

The medical industry is the largest and most diverse employment sector in the world. Patient care courses will give you the background and skills needed to qualify for a healthcare job, If you aspire to make the move into this new health career.


Thursday, 2 June 2016

Some Key Job Responsibilities of a Patient Care Technician

A patient care technician is a healthcare professional that is responsible for providing basic care to the patients. PCT’s are an important asset to any healthcare institution, whether it is a hospital, clinic, or an assisted living center.

Moreover, a patient care technician is required to deal with the patients as well as the doctors. Here are some of the important job responsibilities of a professional patient care technician.

  • Basic caregiver- A patient care technician is required to deal directly with the patient. He may be responsible for helping the patients with bathing, assisting them in using the toilets, helping them with dressing, feeding and grooming. Moreover, assisting the patients in and out of beds and helping them to walk are also the responsibilities of a patient care technician.    

  • Monitoring and observing- A PCT is responsible for monitoring the basic vital signs of the patients that include temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and respiration rates. The professional maintains a record chart, which is used to keep track of all the vital signs and any concerns that the patient wants to review.    
  • Providing assistance to the doctors- A patient care technician works in collaboration with the nurses and other staff in the hospital. He assists doctors during medical treatments and other examinations. So, a patient care technician is responsible for setting up and operating different medical equipment and supplies during any medical procedure.     Moreover, he may also be required to take the samples of blood or     other specimens.

The aforementioned are some of the job responsibilities that can be easily learned through proper PCT training.

So, if you are thinking of pursuing a career as a PCT technician, you need to find a reputed training school in your area that ensures to provide quality education to the students.