Wednesday, 28 September 2016

The Various In–Demand Healthcare Careers

Healthcare jobs are expected to increase every year. For nursing assistants there are many programs and affordable education options. But before you join a school you need to understand the role of each program and decide which programs work best according to your career goals, time frame and present lifestyle.

Making a sound decision about your career will help set your nursing career up for success. So pay close attention to the details of these in – demand healthcare careers.

Registered Nurses (RNs)
Registered nurses need to have Bachelor of Science in nursing degree or bachelor of nursing degree. For this they either take a joint college-university nursing program or a four-year university nursing program. Because an RN’s education is broader, they need to have knowledge in areas such as clinical practice, decisive thinking and research utilization. They have to look after patients with more complex needs in unpredictable situations.

Certified nursing assistant, or CNA
A CNA, helps patients with healthcare needs under the command of a Registered Nurse (RN) or a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). The individual, who carries this title, needs to have the required educations and a strong work ethic and ability. The state of Michigan, requires students to receive CPR certification who will be prepared significantly to pass the State of Michigan  CNA certification test for Nursing Assistants.

Mental health or psychiatric nursing
Individual who has interest in working in mental health field may settle a career in mental health or psychiatric nursing. The nurses under this job administer medicine to help patients work on treatment goals, psychiatric nurses provide a priceless service to those struggling with mental health issues.

A patient care technician (PCT)
A PCT is mainly focused on working closely with patients, in combination with nurses. PCTs help perform basic care for patients, like supporting them in using washroom, serving meals or changing bedding, they may also determine vital signs and provide emotional support to patients.

Training for these courses is offered by many community colleges, online schools and through medical facilities.  

Have a good career!

Tuesday, 13 September 2016

Things You Should Know To Become A Certified Nursing Assistant

One of the many medical careers, certified nursing assistant is a profession that many choose in Michigan especially those who want to care for sick and injured. However, becoming a CNA is not that easy. It requires appropriate training and practical experience.

And, there are certain things that you should know if you want to become a certified nursing assistant. It includes –

Medical Terminology – In this profession, you will require the knowledge of medical terminology, so that you can understand your job duties better and understand what is going on. It will help you understand about the medical procedures as well as complete job responsibilities with the help of healthcare professionals.

Anatomy And Physiology – These are other healthcare fields about which you should have appropriate knowledge. You need to know about anatomy as well as physiology, so that you can understand a patient’s health issues better and provide good care.

Patient Care – As a CNA, you should know about the patient assistance skills. It includes feeding, dressing and bathing sick, elderly & injured. Your job duties will also include taking & recording temperature, blood pressure etc., of patients to make sure they are in good health.

Patient Abuse Prevention & Rights Advocacy – As a certified nurse assistant, you are required to know about topics like patient abuse prevention and rights advocacy.

Safety And Body Mechanics – Patients’ safety and body mechanics is the aspect that you require knowledge of if you want to become a CNA.

It is a common fact that you cannot learn about all these aspects all by yourself. You will need to get appropriate training such as a certified nursing assistant program in Michigan. This training will help you learn about the essential topics as well prepare for the certification exam. Make sure your program includes classroom instruction along with the hands on lab practice and clinical experience.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Duties Expected Of A Patient Care Technician

Patients care technician programs are available in various medical institutes and this career option is really good for people who are interested in in the field of providing medical care. The responsibilities and work that come under this profession are :

Basic Diagnosis:
The medical tasks like changing bandages, performing blood draws, fundamental tests, etc are performed regulatory by the patient care technician.
Patient Care:
Helping the patients with the basic functions like eating, bathing, moving around is done by the patient care technician. Daily activities of the patients are assisted by the patient care technician. Feeding them food, helping them with sponge baths and all the personal hygiene care comes under the duties of the patient care technician.
Interaction With The Doctor: doctors interact with patient care technician on a regular basis to know the condition and to check if the patient is showing any unusual signs. Sometimes the patient care technicians are supervised under the nurse and assigned to tasks like medical history documentation, monitoring fluid intake. Depending upon the experience and abilities, the patient care technicians are assigned to different tasks. The tasks vary with different medical facilities and their requirements. 
Finding The Right School

Finding a right training school can help you start your career in the right direction and there is good chance that you will get good placement after you finish the course. They teach all the fundamentals and techniques needed for this job. This course is mainly focused on theoretical and practical aspect. Safety and comfort of patients is the main concern.
Those who have a special interest in the patient care technician profession should learn about the employment responsibilities and the requirements and learn about the state regulations that they are expected to fulfill.