Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Make Your Career As A Certified Nurse Assistant

Certified Nurse Assistants are gaining very much importance these days. They are an integral part of a medical team as they play a vital role in the medical field under the supervision of a registered nurse. Do you aspire to to be a certified nurse assistant?

If you want to serve the people of your society, then you have made a wise decision. A certified nurse assistant has to perform several tasks in taking care of the patients. However to be a certified nurse assistant, you need to acquire some basic qualification and qualify the written tests.   

There are many institutes in Detroit, offering the best Career Training programs for the certified nurse assistant. You can join any of these institutions to get trained, but always make sure that the selected institution is accredited by the state board of nursing.

It is useless to waste your precious time and money in non-accredited institutions. Being a certified nurse assistant, the student is trained how to meet the patient’s physical and mental needs in a safe and friendly environment. These assistants are responsible to perform the following duties:

  • To record the temperature and blood pressure.
  • To help the patients with feeding, and dressing.
  • To measure the food intake.
  • Patient Rights Advocacy.
  • Patient abuse prevention.

Before joining an institute to pursue your course in certified nursing assistant, make sure that you are fulfilling the basic personality requirements of the CNA. Once you get the training, you have to pass an exam to become a certified nursing assistant. The course includes practical training as well as theoretical part. You are supposed to implement all the theoretically acquired knowledge in the real practice.

If you find yourself efficient enough to serve the patients in their critical situation, only then you should think of pursuing a career as a certified nursing assistant.

Thursday, 6 October 2016

Important Things To Know About Patient Care Technicians

Patient care technicians play a vital role in the healthcare field. They are liable to help the healthcare team and the patient in all the possible ways. Generally, the patient care technicians are known as the PCT in a short form, ensuring the needs of all the members of the health care team are handled professionally in a perfect way.

There is no denying the fact that the visit to a hospital or a clinic is always stressful. To help the patients lessen their stress, patient care technicians are employed to cater the emotional needs of the patients and their family members when they are overwhelmed during the hospital or health care facility stay.

All the important members of the health team perform the several health care related tasks.  In the 
same way, a PCT also performs a number of duties, similar to the nursing assistants, or hospital attendants. You will notice that these terms are  interchangeable in many hospitals. Apart from this, patient care technician is responsible to do the additional tasks.  

If you aspire to become a patient care technician, you must collect all the necessary information regarding the course, fees structure and course duration and many more. program. The study program must cover all the important aspects of the designed curriculum, enabling you how to check the patients’ pulse, temperature, and blood pressure as well. They are also trained in the following tasks:

  • Learn to draw blood
  • To hook up a heart monitor
  • Use of EKG machine
  • To assist with basic laboratory tests
  • Lean the procedure, performed in a clinical setting

Students should be taught how to assist doctors and nurses during medical examination. The PCT program includes theoretical as well as practical work in real life scenario. A student has to attend anatomy and physiology classes during the pursuing the PCT course.

Many a times, they have to attend the classes in the hospitals, in order to put their new theoretical knowledge in the practical work. They learn many skills required to be a patient care technician under the guidance of a registered nurse. Being a patient care technician, you are responsible for helping and caring the patients who need it the most.

This article will help you to know about the profession of a patient care technician. If you aspire to become a PCT, try to look for the best institution, offering the best educational services. Attending the Patient Care Tech Classes regularly will help to fulfill your dreams in life.