Thursday, 10 March 2016

Want To Be A Good Patient Care Technician? Tips To Follow

Healthcare is a field in which many are interested. Lots of career and job opportunities attracts many. But, this field is not limited to just doctors, surgeons and nurses. There are so many other jobs in this sector that many people know nothing about. And, patient care technician is one of these jobs, which will offer you numerous opportunities to grow in career with the right education.

Patient care technicians (PCTs) work in hospital and clinics. Their main job is to help patients with different tasks like bathing, using restrooms, feeding etc. If you want to work as a PCT, then you need to join patient care technician programs that cover following topics.

  • Medical terminology & abbreviations
  • Phlebotomy
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Wound care
  • Hemoccult testing
  • General Patient Care
  • CPR
  • Glucose monitoring
  • Food & Nutrition   
  • EKG

However, getting training is not enough to become a professional PCT. You need to complete different job duties professionally and perform good to excel in this field. Here are some tips that will help you on job as a PCT and throughout your career.

  1. Organize: You will be performing various duties such as helping patients, assisting healthcare professionals. Stay organized and make a to-do list for the tasks that are assigned to you. It will help you in completing every task on time.
  1. Observe: The course provides you knowledge but the real job training you will get on job. How to care for patients to whom you are assigned or how to perform job duties, all these things you will learn during job. And, the best way to learn is to observe closely. Listen to your supervisor’s instructions and act accordingly.

Set your sights on becoming a good PCT and follow above mentioned tips as they will help you grow in your career.

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